How do You Define Security Success?

We have helped security leaders and their teams define their success for nearly 20 years. Do you know what it takes today?


We can assist with security program development or enhancement, organizational structure or leadership issues such as executive-level communication and demonstrating value. From small projects to transformational overhauls, we're your trusted advisor.

Security Programs

Event Security, Executive Protection, GSOC, Insider Threat, Intelligence and Analysis, Investigations, Risk Management, Travel, Uniform Security, Workplace Violence and more.

Operations & Leadership

Business Alignment, Demonstrating Value, Executive Communication and Influence, Metrics, Optimized Operations, Organizational Structure, Risk Identification, Strategic Planning and more.

About the Security Executive Council

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We've learned a lot about corporate security over the last 19+ years. Find actionable insight you can use right now.

Demonstrating Value

Collaboration Is Key to Expanding the Definition of Security

Businesses today operate within a much more complex, sophisticated, and interconnected competitive universe than they did 20 or even 10 years ago. One of the impacts of these transformations on Corporate Security is that cross-functional partnerships, once considered a "nice to have," have become a risk management imperative.

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Program Best Practices

Security Barometer Results: Workplace Violence Prevention Programs

As States enact new extensive workplace violence prevention program laws we can expect more and more organizations ensuring they meet similar standards.

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Corporate Security Career

What Is Corporate Security?

Success in today's environment requires organizations to take smart risks – to expand into new territories, invest in innovations, and develop new partnerships and the corporate security function plays a critical role.

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Our Team

SEC subject matter experts are former security executives. Our staff come from security practitioner, research, business and technology backgrounds. What makes the SEC different? Simply stated - our process and our people.

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The 2024 Corporate Security Organizational Structure, Cost of Services and Staffing Benchmark is now open! If you act now and your data is used in the benchmark, you will be provided access to the research results AND receive both of our published books (eBook version) on Security Metrics at no cost.

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What Your Peers Have to Say About the SEC

"Being involved with the SEC provided me with the opportunity to tap into the collective knowledge of the SEC subject matter experts, provide meaningful training for my global security team, and allowed me access to valuable security benchmarking data. I always strived to lead a highly functioning team that protected our employees and our business. My association with the SEC assisted me in analyzing my efforts."

- A CSO from a Fortune 500 financial services and communications company
"I was initially drawn to the Security Executive Council in 2014 because of their strategic focus on communicating security value at the board level. Their business focused and forward-thinking philosophy aligned perfectly with where I wanted to take my Department. Since then the SEC’s leadership, emeritus faculty and other subject matter experts have continued to impress and provide significant guidance and resources that have allowed me to successfully evolve my program. Equally as valuable, is the ability to collaborate with other Tier 1 Security Leaders from large Fortune 500/1000 companies who all share similar strategic objectives. It’s these things that have kept and will continue to keep me involved."

- A Director of Global Security from a Fortune 1000 manufacturing company
"As a CSO and/or senior security leader for almost 25 years, I have been strategically engaged with the Security Executive Council for over a decade. Our relationship has evolved from an initial specific request-driven relationship to our current state relationship of partnering through the most challenging strategic issues and concerns on a global scale. The SEC faculty has an appreciation for the challenges CSOs face since they themselves are very often former CSOs who have learned and excelled throughout their careers. They are thought leaders and problem solvers grounded by the highest levels of security knowledge and real-world experience."

- A CSO from one of the largest U.S. commercial banks
"The Security Executive Council is our main resource for improving our programs and ensuring our strategy for business value. The SEC provides unmatched skill and intelligence for benchmarking our programs with top industry talent and programs. The staff and faculty of the Security Executive Council are skilled problem solvers who add capabilities to our internal security staff."

- A Vice President of Security from one of the largest financial services companies in the world
"The SEC represent the best aggregation of security leadership knowledge, global research, deep expertise and objective impartiality. The SEC has plugged and played at every level and across the full enterprise security risk spectrum (tactical through strategic)—security strategy formulation, security program evaluation, advocacy and assessment, security process design and development, risk mitigation project implementation and measurement. The SEC has broken the mold in their charter to help develop creative, adaptive and risk-aware security leaders. They have been extended staff since their introduction to the team. Their collective and data-driven solutions continue to drive relevance and help elevate our game. Couldn’t live without them."

- A Director of Global Security Services for a not-for-profit research and development organization
"Since 2010, the SEC has afforded me a pool of external expertise that has intimate domain knowledge of the security space and the dynamic challenges we face as CSOs each day. As former CSOs themselves, the SEC allows me flexibility to utilize their non-advocate expertise to either consult on a project/initiative or assign the work statement and the end-product to them directly for completion on my behalf. I view the SEC as a trusted resource and business enabler for my team."

- A CSO from the world’s largest aerospace company
"For the last 13 years, our company has been an SEC member because of the following practical benefits received from the organization such as expertise received on a wide variety of security issues, and assigning complex security projects to experienced SEC Faculty that our company has neither the expertise nor time to complete. The SEC helps us keep current on issues that confront other security practitioners and they are on the cutting edge of where the security profession is heading so we stay current with security trends and make the appropriate adjustments to our program in a timely manner. Our department has grown and matured exponentially from the expertise and guidance provided by the SEC."

- A CSO from a large privately held consumer electronics company